We believe that the greatest way to make an impact is by serving others. It takes many hands to run Pentecostal Tabernacle during our Sunday services, and all skills can be used. Whether you are a Partner or a regular attendee, there is a unique volunteer opportunity for you.

Sunday Service Ministries

These ministries operate during our Sunday services.

Children's Ministry

Provides small, age appropriate, safe, fun environments for children to: learn and apply God’s word, pray, worship, develop relationships with adults and peers, and invite Jesus to be the Lord of their lives.

Generation Chosen

Provides a safe space for youth in grades 6-12 to come and develop their own unique and personal relationship with Christ.


Fosters a heart of excellence with a genuine spirit to serve all of God’s people so that they may feel welcomed and blessed after each event or fellowship time.


Provides partners, guests, and the on-line congregation the highest quality audio and visual experience possible during service, meetings, and special programs whether live, recorded or through online streaming.


Exalts, worships and glorifies God in the art of dance, under the direction and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Restore Worship

Leads people into the transformative presence of God through praise and worship.

Welcome Team

Maintain a positive, loving and orderly atmosphere by assisting each person who enters the sanctuary in any way possible to make them feel welcome and comfortable.

Other Ministries

These ministries operate through out the week


Oversees PT messaging across a variety of digital, print and broadcast mediums to spread the Gospel, promote programs and activities, and help build community.

Fan Into Flames

Focuses on igniting, equipping and deploying young adults to carry the Gospel boldly throughout the world.

Information Technology

The engine that powers acceleration for other teams, breaking through roadblocks by providing technical expertise in research and implementation of projects.

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